Jobman Setup Flow Guide

Below is a basic guide on the flow for setting up your Jobman. We understand not all businesses are the same, some may require little-to-no setup, where as others may require a more in-depth understanding.

  1. General Settings - add your business details, settings & logo.
  2. Accounting Settings - integrate with your accounting software if applicable.
  3. Cloud File Storage - integrate with your cloud storage provider if applicable.
  4. Staff Setup - roles, permission & types then import/add your staff members.
  5. Contact Settings - sources, roles & types then import/add your contacts (suppliers & customers).
  6. Item Settings - build your item specs.
  7. Accounting Settings - if you have not integrated with your accounting software.
  8. Lead Settings - types, statuses, details then member types.
  9. Job Settings - types, statuses, details then member types.
  10. Operation Settings - create & manage operations.
  11. Labour Settings - labour centre parameters.
  12. Workflow Settings - create & manage workflows.
  13. Template Settings - templates.
  14. Quick Quoting Setup:

    - Catalogue Settings - brand, categories, colours, finishes & ranges only.

    - User Menu | Catalogue - import your catalogue.

    - Catalogue Settings - pricing.

    - User Menu | Catalogue - set up your services.

  15. In-Depth Quoting Setup:

    - Quote Settings - statuses only.

    - Catalogue Settings - quote pricing.

    - Catalogue Settings - Styles - in this order: 1. Items, 2. Options, 3. Create.

    - User Menu | Catalogue - Products - create components and products.

    - Quote Settings - presets.

  16. Integration Settings - integrate with your CAD/CAM supplier/s if applicable.
  17. Inventory Settings - purchase order statuses.
  18. User Menu | Inventory - add your stock items.
  19. Activity Screen Settings - create.
  20. Agenda Screen Settings - create.
  21. User Menu | Staff - invite your team to access Jobman!


If the step has 'Settings' next to it, it means the setup can be found under the Settings Tab from your user menu panel.

If it has 'User Menu' in-front of it, it means you need to access the tab from the user menu panel to complete this function.

Please Note: this is a basic guide only on the flow on setting up your Jobman. Not all steps will apply to all business types.

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