How to Connect to your Accounting Software

Why should I integrate with my accounting software?

Save time and eliminate duplication by enabling automatic syncing of Contacts, Staff, Invoices, and Timesheets from Jobman to your accounting software. Enjoy seamless updates as Jobman automatically reflects invoice statuses marked as paid from your accounting system.

Connecting your Accounting Software

To integrate your accounting software with Jobman, you must be an admin user with access to the Accounting Settings.

From the User Menu Panel, select Settings > Accounting > Integrations.

From here you can connect your accounting software or update your settings and permissions. Depending on which software you selected at sign up, this will show as "Connect to Xero", or "Connect to MYOB", etc.

Please note: it's advised to have the person with the highest level of permission in your accounting software to complete this connection.

To connect your accounting software, follow these steps:

  1. Click Connect To for your software provider. You will be redirected to their login page.
  2. Log in to your accounting software.
  3. Follow the verification prompts.
  4. You will be redirected back to Jobman to confirm your organisation.
  5. Click Select to confirm, allow a few moments for this to connect.
  6. Check that you have a tick next to Connected.

If you need more information, check out our video tutorial.

Updating your Accounting Software Settings

If you ever need to update your accounting software settings or change the default contact for receiving error messages, follow these steps:

  1. From step #6 above, click Disconnect.
  2. Click Update.
  3. Choose your Customer Contact Type - these will match with your accounting software.
  4. Choose your Supplier Contact Type - these will match with your accounting software.
  5. Tick the fields you would like to automatically sync. Your accounting software will automatically integrate contacts, staff, invoices, etc., when enabled.
  6. Add an email address for any error messages to be sent to. This will alert the relevant staff to any syncing failures.

Changing your Accounting Software

If you have changed your accounting software, you can update this by following these steps:

  1. Select Settings > Accounting > Integration > Update.
  2. From the Driver drop-down, select your new accounting software.
  3. Save your changes and repeat the steps above for Connecting Your Accounting Software

Xero Troubleshooting

Q: I have submitted an invoice in Jobman, it has been authorised in Xero, but I now need to make a change to that invoice. How do I do this?

A: To make a change to an authorised invoice, adjust it in Xero. These changes will automatically reflect in Jobman.

Q: The invoice has been created and saved in Jobman, but it hasn’t come into Xero. Why?                   

A: Make sure the invoice status says Submitted. If it is, check the notes field on the invoice in Jobman. You will see a listed error message, and potentially multiple times.

Some common error messages are:

  • Unrecognized Guide Format error – This indicates that the contact person assigned to the invoice in Jobman does not match the default contact person in Xero. Change the selected contact person for the invoice in Jobman so that it matches the contact person in Xero.
  • Tax INPUT error – This means you have the incorrect account code assigned to the invoice in Jobman.

Q: I have deleted a contact in Jobman but it is still showing in Xero?

A: Make sure you have unlinked the contact in Jobman. Click on the 3-dot menu inside your contact, and click Unlink from Xero. Jobman does not delete information from Xero, so if you want to permanently delete from Xero, you will need to do this inside Xero.

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