Setup Staff Roles and Permissions

Having your staff roles & permissions set up correctly is vital as these will allow staff members to perform different functions. Setting up multiple permissions will allow you to ensure your staff have the right access level as you can apply multiple roles to your staff members.

For example: you would not have a receptionist with payroll permissions so you may create a role for 'receptionist' with all the basic permissions required, then you may have different roles set up as 'levels' to give access for other parts of the software.

Access your staff roles and permissions by going to your Settings from the User Menu panel, then click on 'Staff'. Also see, Staff Types.

Creating Staff Roles

Once you've accessed your Staff Settings, click into 'Roles'. To create a new role:

  1. Click 'Create'.
  2. Name your new Staff Role.
  3. Follow through the checklist to assign all the relevant permissions.
  4. Finalise by clicking 'Create'.

Having access to these will allow you to drill down on what staff can and cannot do in the system, these can be updated, copied or deleted at anytime.

Tip: if you want to create a staff role similar to an existing one simply click into the existing staff role and use the 'copy' function. This will take you to your new role, labelled as a 'copy'. Adjust as required.

Updating Staff Roles

Access your Staff Settings as listed above:

  1. Click on the Staff Role you want to modify.
  2. Click the 'Update' button to change the name and or permissions.
  3. Tick any new permissions you want to allow.
  4. Untick any permissions you want to remove.
  5. Finalise by clicking 'Save Changes'.

Deleting a Role: click into the staff role that is no longer required and press 'delete'.

Create your roles, you may create basics for each role and then also create 'levels' which allow more access. Level 1 could be view only, Level 2 could be view and edit, Level 3 could be view, edit & send.

Example: role summary.

Now that you have set up your roles you can assign one or more of these roles to staff members and they will then be able to perform the functions as defined in those roles.

Please Note: though users may have a checkbox ticked, it doesn't mean this access follows through to the Kiosk mode as not all features available in the desktop version are accessible in the Kiosk. The only functions that can be completed in Kiosk mode are listed in 'Permissions' under 'Kiosk'.

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