Creating a Workflow

Create workflows suited to your business and processes. A workflow is a way of managing repeatable tasks that occur in a set or preferred order to meet a required outcome. Group your tasks and set target dates for different sections of your workflows which you can then track to see the progress of each job or lead. By having your workflows set up, staff will always know what tasks are required and when they are due.

Please Note: depending on the type of organisation you have registered with - your organisation will come with some preset workflows which you can amend to suit your processes.

Create a Workflow

Before creating your workflow, roughly map out a process and the steps that are involved. You'll need to name your workflow, set it to be for either a lead, job or project. You'll then need to plan each step of the process then add the tasks for each step.

Workflow Information
  1. Access the 'Settings' tab from your user menu panel.
  2. Click into 'Workflows' & click the 'Create' button.
  3. Name your workflow and choose which item this applies to.
  4. Click 'add a new step', then name your step and choose it's status - see below for more information.
  5. Finalise by clicking 'Create'.

You will now see your step has been created, you can now add the tasks required for this step by clicking 'add new task' and following the below:

  1. Enter the name of your task and select the relating operation.

    Note: you can add a new operation on the spot if required.

  2. Enter the amount of staff required for the task along with the estimated completion time.
  3. Set your target date parameters and task requirements.
  4. Choose all or select the relating types.
  5. Add a description if required and finalise by clicking 'Create'.

Automation: tasks in workflows can be customised dependant on the Job Type. Use the 'Requires' and 'Types' fields to define what work types this task applies to rather than having to create multiple workflows. To see what types a task is assigned to hover over the eye next to a task as shown below.

Click into a workflow to update, set as a default, copy or delete.
Use 'selected types' to assign the task to the relevant lead or job type.

Learn more about statuses and how to set these up: Job Status | Lead Status | Project Status

Editing a Workflow:

  • Click into your workflow and use the 'Update' button, make your required changes and save.

Set as Default:

  • If most of your leads or jobs follow a certain workflow, use the 'Set as Default' button.

Copy a Workflow:

  • Rather than creating a new workflow from scratch, simply copy a current workflow, rename and update then save your changes.

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