Invite a Staff Member to Log In - Office Users

Once you've added a staff member who is going to be an Office User, you will need to allow them access and a log by sending an invitation to their email.

Please Note: only invite Office Users to log in - the amount of Office Users allowed is based on your subscription package. This can be updated at anytime by following 'Update my Subscription'.

For Factory Users Set Up - see 'Office User or Factory Worker'.

Inviting an Office User

  1. Click on 'Staff' from your user menu panel.
  2. Either add a staff member or click on an existing one.
  3. Click the Invite to Log In button which will open a confirmation pop-up.
  4. Click 'Send'.

This will generate an email to the staff member with a link to log in, from here they will need to set their own password.

Tip: you must have the office users email address added before inviting to log in.

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