Set Up Office & Factory Users

Here we will go through defining both office and factory users along with how to setup a factory user to login. In order to set up a factory user, they first must be set up as a staff member.

The amount of office and factory users you can have is based on the subscription package you have purchased. If you require to add any more users you can always 'Update your Subscription' to a larger package or just purchase extra users.

Office Users

An Office User is a staff member who will be required to use Jobman to access/add or amend data from the web browser - either from a Desktop or Laptop. These users would include your sales team, administrators, production managers, accounts etc.

Learn how to set up a staff member or if you've already created a staff member but have not sent them an invite to log in, follow either of these links as required.

Please Note: if you have incorrectly added someone as an office user, you can revoke this access.

Factory (Kiosk Mode) Users

A Factory User is a staff member who is required to use Jobman at a 'restricted' level. A factory user can only access Jobman via the Kiosk Mode, they cannot log in through the app and access all of the functions as the Office Users can. This allows your factory workers to easily view their tasks each day, record their time against jobs and their timesheet, update job progress and much more.

Factory users are set up in your staff list and issued a 'pin' to be able to sign in to the Kiosk Mode on either a phone, tablet or web browser. From here they can see any tasks assigned to an Agenda Screen that they have been assigned a member to.

Setup a Factory User

To set up a staff member as a factory worker simply access the 'Staff' tab from your user menu panel and follow the below steps:

  1. Click to open the staff member you want to invite.
  2. Select the 'Set Kiosk Pin' button at the top of your screen.
  3. Read the popup advising of a temporary pin & click 'Create'.
  4. You'll now see the temporary pin along with a link to the kiosk mode login.
  5. Copy the link and the pin number and email both of these to the staff member.
  6. Once they follow the link and enter the temporary pin, they will need to set a new one.
  7. Once you've provided the user with their temporary code, click 'OK'.

Reset, revoke or disable this at anytime by using the 'More' button inside the staff member.

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