Release Notes

v2.4.8 - 22nd July 2024

  • Performance Improvements
  • Fixed an issue preventing some staff members being able to send job and lead emails

v2.4.7 - 15th July 2024

  • Added more columns to catalogue materials and services grids
  • You can now set labour time to zero for product parts/components
  • Increased the number of brands that are shown in the catalogue item filter dropdown
  • Fixed intermittent "Session Expired" error when logging in
  • Fixed an issue where updating filters in Payroll report was showing incorrect staff in the grid
  • Fixed an issue where where sourced quantity was rounding up by one for job resource materials that are handled in whole quantities

v2.4.6 - 10th July 2024

  • Fixed an issue preventing organisations from connecting to One Drive and SharePoint
  • Prevent quotes, invoices and purchase orders from being saved in different tabs at the same time

v2.4.5 - 8th July 2024

Added the Target Calendar to the Kiosk

Allow your kiosk users to view their scheduled tasks/dates using a read-only target calendar.

Learn more

  • Performance improvements for dashboard and jobs grid
  • Added the ability to sort the purchasing report by PO number, date and supplier
  • Added job and lead variables to invoice PDF and invoice email templates
  • Added more columns to the material browser popup for barcode, category, brand, range, finish, colour, volume, weight and notes
  • New organisations are now set up with example form types
  • Prevent deleting style options that are assigned to active styles
  • Fixed an issue where selecting inventory items was not filling in the inventory field when creating/updating job resource materials
  • Fixed an issue where recalculate dates field was not displayed when editing target calendar tasks
  • Fixed an issue related job/item specifications that do not have a version applied
  • Fixed an issue where deactivated staff were displayed in accounting integration settings
  • Fixed an issue related to moving and renaming files/folders that conflicted with other files
  • Fixed an issue that prevented staff members without a staff type from being edited

v2.4.4 - 1st July 2024

Introducing Job Forms!

You can now create forms which can be added to jobs, filled in and printed by your staff members.

Learn more about creating and using forms.

QuickBooks Online integration is now out of BETA and available to all organisations!

For more information see Connecting to QuickBooks online guide

For organisations created before 27th May 2024, please see Switching to QuickBooks Online

  • Added new introduction field to quotes
  • Added the ability to edit job alert details from the kiosk
  • Improved steps/tasks UI, horizontal scrollbar can be used without scrolling to the bottom
  • Improved error handling and messaging for MYOB accounting integration
  • Performance improvements when loading jobs and tasks
  • Fixed an issue when changing/resetting filters in the Payroll report
  • Fixed an issue where certain reports relied on incorrect permissions
  • Fixed an issue for Mozaik imports when item name's contained empty space
  • Fixed an issue when sourcing inventory for catalogue items with mass values

v2.4.3 - 24th June 2024

Target Calendar Filter Profiles

Added the ability to save your target calendar filters as presets, and quickly switch between them!

  • Added lock icon to agenda screen for tasks with a locked target date
  • Fixed an issue where deleted leads and jobs were displayed in contacts
  • Fixed an issue when sourcing job resource materials for deleted materials
  • Fixed an issue where some staff logins could not be revoked

v2.4.2 - 17th June 2024

  • Added the ability to edit invoice numbers for bills
  • Added currency support for South African Rand (ZAR)
  • Prices will now show the correct price symbol for your organisation's country
  • Increased the limit of members shown on leads/jobs/projects
  • Fixed an issue where renaming folders sometimes caused the folder to be trashed in Google Drive One Drive/Sharepoint
  • Fixed issues related to searching/filtering resources in the kiosk
  • Fixed an issue where kiosk-only staff members required non-kiosk permissions to perform some actions

v2.4.1 - 10th June 2024

  • Increased allowed length for invoice item names
  • Staff timesheet calendar now expands to fit larger screens
  • Added the ability to filter contacts by source, website and tax number
  • Fixed an issue where catalogue item profit margin could not be adjusted when added to a quote
  • Fixed an issue where task did not display correctly when editing timesheet entries
  • Fixed an issue where quotes could sometimes be saved before totals had finished calculating
  • Added new error message to contact/invoice/staff syncs when Xero connection expires

v2.4.0 - 4th June 2024

  • Added the ability to view all linked Invoices for a Purchase Order

  • Added the ability to recalculate Target Dates for other Tasks when moving segments in the Target Calendar
  • The "Recalculate Dates" field now remembers your last selection when updating target dates.

  • Added the ability to restore deleted Quote Presets
  • Material Category column added to Purchase Order grid
  • Agenda Screen grids now show Job/Lead/Project column header labels correctly
  • Added the ability to search Invoices by reference and added sorting to more columns
  • Fixed an issue where profit margin overrides on catalogue item categories were not being respected in Quotes
  • Fixed an issue when removing Material proportions
  • Fixed an issue when starting tasks that caused the button to appear like it was loading slowly
  • Fixed a formatting issue when showing item specifications in PDF templates

v2.3.90 & 91 - 27th May 2024

  • Staff locations when completing tasks can now be displayed on a map

  • Added the ability to copy a quote to a different lead
  • Added ability to set invoice line account based on material category
  • Added invoice date and amount paid columns to the invoice report
  • Fixed an issue disconnecting from some supplier integrations
  • Improved formatting in email replies
  • Added API documentation for Job Alerts
  • Fixed an issue that caused attendance to not be calculated for staff members when a timesheet entry was deleted
  • Fixed an issue with address formatting when sending a purchase order via the Hafele integration
  • Fixed a display issue switching from hide n/a when viewing tasks in a job or lead
  • Fix an issue causing error messages to not clear when adding a new part to a product
  • Add paragraph formatting for the item specification text areas

v2.3.89 - 14th May 2024

  • Fixed an issue when creating new purchase order statuses
  • Fixed an issue causing an error when updating a custom style on a quote
  • More performance optimisations to speed up loading times when printing quote PDFs and on customer-facing pages
  • Lead and Job items when viewing a task are now sorted correctly

v2.3.88 - 13th May 2024

  • Fixed an issue causing problems searching for jobs, leads and projects when adding timesheet entries
  • Check added to prevent changing invoice type from payable to receivable
  • Fixed an issue with the formatting of quote item descriptions when they appear on invoices
  • Performance optimisations to speed up loading times when printing quote PDFs and on customer-facing pages

v2.3.87 - 6th May 2024

  • Added the ability to print the Target Calendar using a template

  • Labour Centre capacity adjustments can now be made for a date range - increase/decrease your capacity during a specific period eg. Holidays, Staff Leave, Shutdowns, etc. Learn more

  • Added the ability to send a purchase order directly when using the Hafele supplier integration - Learn more

  • Added the ability to click on the actual time in the Job Cost report when looking at a job and be redirected to the new effort report so you can easily see the breakdown of time spent on a specific operation
  • Fixed an issue causing deleted tax types and accounts from displaying in dropdowns
  • Fixed an issue restoring a deleted product
  • Customer emails when accepting, rejecting or commenting on a quote are now sent to the salesperson associated with the lead instead of to the organisation email
  • Fix an issue causing total time to be displayed in seconds on the payroll report when printing or exporting
  • Fixed some issues with searching for jobs, leads and projects when adding new timesheet entries
  • Project value calculation has now been enabled so moving forward project value is the sum of all the jobs within the project
  • Increased the number of job items displayed when creating work orders from within a job
  • Fixed an issue with formatting quote item descriptions when creating an invoice from a quote
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused quote product components to clear the size fields when being updated
  • Added better support for editing purchase order item estimated delivery dates and also added a date field for setting the estimated delivery date for the entire purchase order

v2.3.86 - 29th April 2024

  • Fixed an issue causing some quotes to not calculate totals
  • Fixed an issue with the pop-up window not being able to be submitted
  • Fixed an issue preventing some products from being deleted when attached to quote presets
  • Allowed zero estimated time to be set for a task
  • Fixed some issues with MYOB and improved error reporting for invoice synchronisations
  • Fix an issue causing some deleted resources to appear in job cost report totals

v2.3.85 - 23rd April 2024

Added Job Variations!

Added the ability to view and add quotes to an existing job to update job values! Learn more...

Contact Resources!

Added a resources tab to Contacts where you can see all files, invoices, jobs, leads, purchase orders and quotes linked to the contact.

  • Added the new Effort report
  • Added the new Invoice report
  • Add the ability to view and see quotes in a new or existing job
  • Performance improvements for handling calculations for large quotes
  • Added ability to assign an existing job or lead to a project
  • Improvements to the resources tab in projects
  • Fixed an issue causing the popup windows to open in the wrong position
  • Fixed an issue with job alert notifications containing invalid links in kiosk
  • Fixed an issue with adding a type when creating a new project, lead or job
  • Fixed an issue recalculating estimated time for job tasks containing deleted labour resources

v2.3.84 - 15th April 2024

New Purchasing Report!

View all of the materials and services that have been ordered within a specific period. Filter by job number, supplier, location and more...

  • Fixed an issue selecting tasks when adding timesheet entries
  • Updated the job cost report to include work order values into the main job when the hide worker order filter has been applied and also added ability to filter by job number
  • Update to the capacity planner to refine by a date range and also you can now click through to the task without navigating away
  • Add job number to the purchase order templates for each line item
  • Enabled the FTP cloud file storage driver
  • Fixed an issue with the product type selection when editing or adding product components
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when importing products from CSV without the ID column present

v2.3.83 - 8th April 2024

Upload files directly from a task!

When you are working on a task you can click on "Files" and upload files and create folders without having to navigate away. For kiosk users, this will upload files to the shared directory and require the staff role ability.

  • The copy button in catalogue materials and services is no longer visible to staff without the ability
  • Fixed an issue causing overlapping timesheet entries to incorrectly calculate the attendance period
  • Added additional columns to the invoice status listing in the settings
  • Suppliers Hafele & Laminex export purchase order formats now support the online shopping cart population
  • Added additional columns to inventory listing and report
  • Fixed an issue causing problems connecting to the FTP cloud file storage provider
  • Added file uploading directly on a task
  • Fixed an issue with required tasks not copying correctly when changing workflow
  • Added additional columns to the job listing and also the job reports
  • Fixed an issue that caused style options to disappear when style items were updated
  • Fixed an issue that accounted for capacity in labour centres even if staff quantity was set to zero
  • Fixed an issue that caused some jobs to appear overdue even after target dates had been updated

v2.3.82 - 26th March 2024

  • Added contact person details to lead, job and quote listing
  • Added contact name and type and contact person name, email, phone and mobile to agenda screen columns
  • Add contact name, type and contact person name to the public agenda screens
  • Added contact person name, email, phone and mobile to the task dialog (note that contact person details will only display if the staff member belongs to a role that has the "View contacts" or "View kiosk contacts" ability)
  • General improvements to the agenda screen

v2.3.81- 25th March 2024

  • Fix an issue with sorting newly created operations
  • Performance updates for the accounting integration sync process for contacts
  • Various updates to the API Documentation including the addition of a change log
  • Fixed an issue causing job numbers to not show in purchase order template variable
  • Fixed an issue causing manually entered product components from being removed from products
  • Improvements to address geocoding for international addresses
  • Fixed issues with contact type and staff role restrictions around deleted contacts
  • Changing a job, lead or project workflow will now maintain target dates and not applicable status for tasks
  • Improvements to the cloud file storage folder creation process to make it more reliable
  • Improved searchability in the settings area for Public holidays and capacity
  • Fixed an issue causing imported contacts to be linked to deleted contact types
  • Fixed an issue that caused the "Restore filters" dialog to display when drilling down into the job cost report

v2.3.80 - 18th March 2024

Two-factor authentication is now available!

With this new security feature users can protect their accounts by enabling two-factor authentication. This second step in the login process increases the security of your Jobman account with an added layer of protection in case your password is compromised. Organisations can force all staff members to have it enabled.

Learn more...

  • Fixed an issue causing preset items to not be added to the quote in the correct order
  • Fixed an issue causing some discounts not to be calculated correctly in a quote
  • Added Two-factor authentication for user logins
  • Fixed an issue causing problems with large numbers of contact types
  • Added quote description field
  • Fixed an issue with invoices inside job resources not loading
  • Performance improvements for large quotes
  • Added catalogue material browser for item specifications
  • Fix the issue with Dropbox not handling Cabinet Vision (.cvj) files properly
  • Fixed an issue with the colour field causing the submit button to be not enabled in some situations

v2.3.79- 11th March 2024

  • Fixed an issue causing materials in the picklist to calculate incorrectly in some situations
  • Fixed some issues causing some timesheets not to sync with Xero
  • Fixed some issues with cloud file storage folders being duplicated when their names contained special characters
  • Fixed an issue that prevented jobs from being created from a lead when no quote was selected
  • Fixed an issue causing revisions to appear under invoices in leads
  • Fixed an issue that prevented invoices from being created from a quote when no item was selected
  • The totals for invoices are now displayed when viewing invoices from within a job or lead
  • Fixed an issue causing end time for some timesheet entries not to display in the calendar
  • Add the ability for kiosk users to upload files to the shared folder when viewing job files
  • Fixed some display issues with full-screen agenda screens
  • Optimisations to speed up the time it takes to create a job from a lead

v2.3.78 - 27th February 2024

Adding quotes to invoices has been turbocharged!

Now you can add quote items to invoices and choose the percentage of each to include. Jobman will track how much has been invoiced, ensuring you don't accidentally overcharge your clients. Take a 20% deposit for part of an accepted quote or invoice the whole quote in one go!

Learn more...

  • Added ability to remove product labour from all products in a quote - Learn more
  • A new button to show/hide work orders when viewing your list of jobs
  • You can now sort your Agenda Screens - also sorting was added for Activity Screens, Item Types, Job Types, Lead Types, Project Types and Operations
  • Added more column sorting when viewing Work Orders from Job resources
  • Supplier instructions have been added to Purchase Orders and template variable added
  • Fixed a issue with some kiosk users not able to update inventory items
  • Fixed an issue causing quote totals not to recalculate after adding a discount
  • Fixed an issue with the default priority not being set when creating work orders
  • Fixed an issue causing the agenda screen not to reload when empty
  • Fixed a display issue in site address when viewing a job, lead, and project
  • Emails, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Catalogue Items and Inventory Items are now also moved when merging contacts
  • Increased the frequency that Triggers are checked to hourly meaning notifications are sent sooner
  • General bug fixes when editing quotes

v2.3.76 & 77- 20th February 2024

  • Edit your quotes faster with item, component and element changes no longer forcing you to wait for each one to finish - update the quantity of a component and then immediately update the quantity of the next component
  • Reduced the overall loading time for timesheets
  • Timesheets will now open already scrolled to your current time
  • More columns have been added to the catalogue for materials including Brand, Range, Finish, Colour, Optimisation and Status
  • Added drag and drop sorting to operations for jobs, leads, and projects - this allows you to specify the order operations are displayed when drilling down a job cost report
  • Fixed an issue with Purchase Order number sequences
  • Fixed some issues causing quote product components not to apply a custom price
  • Modified the default tax types to match Xero for organisations in New Zealand
  • Fixed an issue with contact and catalogue imports linking to deleted items
  • Fixed an issue causing the public agenda screens to stop reloading automatically
  • Fixed an issue causing the login screen to display on public agenda screens in some situations
  • Fixed an issue with full-screen agenda screens showing previously hidden columns when resizing
  • Fixed an issue when adding a task on the timesheet where you cannot search for a specific job if the job has lots of work orders

v2.3.75 - 13th February 2024

  • Added ability to view quotes by salesperson
  • Not applicable tasks removed from the estimated time in the job cost report
  • Not applicable tasks removed from progress charts
  • Fixed issue with rounding on the amount due in invoices
  • Custom styles for quote items and components can now be set
  • Uploading multiple files with the same name will now no longer overwrite the files
  • Fixed some issues related to accounting integration

v2.3.73 & 74 - 6th February 2024

  • The optimisation ID field has been added to the catalogue item import and export
  • An issue has been fixed where saving one app would remove access to other apps
  • Fixed an issue with supplier and category not sorting in inventory and catalogue
  • Fixed an issue where the order of columns on the agenda screen was not being saved
  • Fixed an issue where pricing was not calculating when setting styles in a quote
  • Fixes and improvements to the Google Drive integration
  • Fixed an issue with timesheets not syncing to Xero

v2.3.71 & 72 - 30th January 2024

New progress chart for jobs and leads now available!

This feature boosts your business’s job management capabilities. It enables you to efficiently track unscheduled jobs, promptly identify tasks falling behind schedule, and quickly detect bottlenecks, thereby streamlining your operations for optimal productivity.

Learn more...

  • Added fullscreen mode for Agenda screens that increases font size and removes distractions for display on large screens (click the expand icon in the top right-hand corner on any agenda screen)

  • Delivery instructions and notes fields have been added to Purchase Orders - the variables are now available on templates too
  • Priority can be removed from jobs, leads, and projects
  • Enabled workflow updates for Jobs and Leads
  • Fixed an issue with Agenda Screen Job and Lead descriptions

v2.3.70 - 23rd January 2024

Changing workflow for jobs, leads, and projects is now available!

Choose a different (or new) workflow in your existing jobs, leads, and projects. Changing a workflow will remove all steps and tasks from the job and replace them from the selected workflow. Tasks that have been started, completed or have timesheet entries will not be deleted.

Please note you will need the select job workflow, select lead workflow, and select project workflow permission to change a workflow.

  • Added the ability to copy an existing quote

  • Printing a quote PDF file will include the quote number in the name. This also has been updated for item specifications, purchase orders, and invoices too
  • Improved loading times when viewing job and lead items
  • A warning will be displayed when attempting to send a purchase order without a supplier
  • Fixed a rounding issue affecting some invoice totals
  • Fixed an issue with invoice total not reloading after deleting a line item
  • Fixed an issue with Jobman adding an unknown account in Xero
  • Fixed an issue with zero discount not syncing for Xero bills
  • Fixed an issue with actual time not displaying correctly on agenda screens
  • Fixed the supplier filter in the stock report

v2.3.67, 68 & 69 - 16th January 2024

Prioritise tasks on your Agenda Screens!

We've added the ability to set a priority for jobs, leads, and projects. Tasks will be sorted on your agenda screens first by priority and then by date. Learn more...

  • Added support for Mozaik database import
  • You can now view the estimated time of a task from your timesheet entry
  • Fixed an issue that prevented filtering by job status
  • Fixed a bug navigating out from the job cost report drill-down
  • Fixed an issue with the dialog window appearing off the screen
  • Fixed an issue with calculating total labour time in reports
  • Fixed a bug with quote presets not importing correctly when added to a quote

v2.3.65 & 66 - 9th January 2024

  • Fixed an issue that prevented updating custom job values
  • Added the ability to bulk delete Catalogue Items via import. Learn more

v2.3.64 - 4th January 2024

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from being able to change labour operations in quotes and quote presets
  • Improve some issues with naming for items in jobs and leads
  • Fix a bug that caused the job number to not display when updating alerts
  • Fix an issue with displaying contact variables in the job and lead email templates
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when setting a fixed price of zero for a quote component
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues saving a quote when some items were moved from a deleted section
  • Fixed a bug that incorrectly set the wrong report type when saving a custom job cost report
  • Inside the job cost report, you can now click on a job to see the breakdown of materials, services and labour

v2.3.63 - 19th December 2023

  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes

v2.3.61 & v2.3.62 - 14th December 2023

  • Various performance improvements to Quotes, Quote Presets, and Purchase Orders
  • You can now select item types when creating leads and jobs rather than entering them manually. Learn more

  • Fixed an issue with setting time for labour operations
  • Fixed a visual issue when viewing staff attendance
  • Fixed an issue where selecting material was not updating the name field when editing a quote
  • Added a column to the Purchase Orders grid to show relevant jobs

v2.3.59 & 60 - 5th December 2023

JMSync is now supported

Added JMSync support for Cabinet Vision integration. Learn more

  • Bugfixes for Myob integration
  • Bugfix when adding target dates to job tasks
  • Various speed improvement in Quote presets
  • Fixed quantity amount not showing in purchase orders
  • Contact person variables have been added to the Quote templates
  • Fixed an issue with deactivated staff displaying in lead, and job details

v2.3.57 & 58 - 28th November 2023

Sharepoint available as cloud file storage integration!

The Microsoft SharePoint cloud file storage driver is now supported and can be connected. Organisations that use SharePoint for their cloud infrastructure do not have to connect via a single user's OneDrive account. Learn more

  • Select from one of our pre-designed layouts when creating a template

  • We added three new quote template layouts that include item specifications
  • Fixed an issue deleting catalogue item finishes
  • Fixed an issue setting staff quantity for a labour centre
  • Fixed a bug copying workflows
  • A warning will be displayed when emailing an expired quote
  • Fixed an issue with contact website links

v2.3.56 - 21st November 2023

New kiosk additions: Job Alerts, Purchase Orders, and Inventory.

You can now manage job alerts, purchase orders, and inventory in the kiosk dashboard - please note staff will need to belong to a Role that has these new features enabled.

  • You can view and create alerts for a job in the job resource area

  • You can now see the contact name when choosing a job for a job alert
  • Fixed an issue that displayed deleted items when creating or editing style options
  • Fixed an issue where creating one or more product components will cause the form to freeze
  • Fixed a bug when adding colour to a catalogue material
  • Fixed a bug when choosing a contact person for a quote
  • Fixed an issue where the job and supplier were missing when editing a purchase order
  • Fixed a bug that was showing deactivated staff when selecting them for triggers
  • Fixed a bug when adding product components to a quote
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some subscriptions to incorrectly become expired for a short period at the end of each billing cycle

v2.3.54 & 55 - 14th November 2023

New features added to Reports: custom reports, printing, and exporting.

You have the ability to create and store customisable reports that will provide specific data about your business. We have also included the ability to print and export. Learn more

Please note existing organisations will have to create and set a default report template in your settings before you can use the print functionality.

  • Fix an issue with saved filters in stock report
  • Improved the performance when adding a new job alert and creating a cloud files storage folder
  • Fixed the 'back' button when viewing a trigger in settings
  • Fixed an issue causing triggers not display custom content
  • Added check to ensure Operations, Catalogue Finishes, and Brands cannot be deleted if in use

v2.3.53 - 7th November 2023

  • Added the Reference column to Purchase orders

  • Added the Notes column to Material and Service in Catalogue

  • Fixed an issue where status was incorrectly entered when setting 'not applicable' to tasks in lead, job, and project
  • Fixed a bug with product parts calculating labour incorrectly when turning a quote into a job
  • Fixed a bug where address autocomplete would remove subpremise (e.g Building, Level, Unit number etc)
  • Fixed an issue where site addresses were not formatted correctly in a lead, job, and/or project
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues paginating product components
  • Fixed error message incorrectly showing to staff member with administrator type in the dashboard
  • Fixed a bug where deleted catalogue item finishes could not be viewed

v2.3.51 & 52 - 31st October 2023

Job, Job Cost, Lead, Payroll, and Stock reports are now available!

These reports are highly configurable and will provide in-depth data about your business. Now available from the Reports section - please note that staff members must belong to a Role that has access to these new reports enabled.

  • New reports with filters added

  • Added a material browser for looking up materials in the catalogue

  • Added the ability to show/hide removed items from the inventory

  • Added the ability to restrict staff to their own tasks in the agenda screen - Learn more

  • Added the ability for users to view and log into tasks for a specific Job in kiosk mode by clicking into the Job and then going into Tasks
  • An update to the item specification template to address printing issues - Learn more
  • More performance upgrades for Quoting
  • Get notified when an email has failed to send, bounced or marked as spam in your notification inbox - Learn more
  • Updated API documentation for creating and updating quotes with sections, items, components and elements
  • An error page will be displayed for staff members who are not members/permitted to view a specific Job, Lead or Project

v2.3.50 - 24th October 2023

  • Added quote section documentation to the developer API
  • Fixed a bug that caused job cost time values to be incorrectly calculated
  • Various quoting performance improvements (more to come soon)
  • Add Staff Types that allow you to define if the staff member is an Administrator, Office User, Kiosk User or Advisor. Learn more
  • Timesheet entries now show the description of the event and pop up a tooltip if necessary
  • Fix a display issue that showed "null" in catalogue style settings
  • Added resizable dialogs allowing you to drag and move and resize dialogs to the position and size of your preference
  • When creating a purchase order from a job the option to include pending items automatically is now available
  • Fixed an issue that caused triggers from firing on deleted jobs

v2.3.49 - 20th October 2023

  • Fix issue updating catalogue services

v2.3.48 - 12th October 2023

Workflow triggers are now available! Send emails or notifications when tasks are started, completed, due or overdue by adding triggers to your workflows. Learn more...

  • User interface improvements for timesheet calendars
  • Ensure duplicate alert types and statuses cannot be created
  • Major update to the Payroll report to group by staff member and show totals for each pay item individually
  • Added cubic millimetre and cubit metre units of measurement
  • Added support for United Arab Emirates Dirham- AED currency
  • Quote presets can now be copied
  • On the tasks board hiding not applicable also now hides empty steps
  • When choosing a supplier for a material, service or purchase order only contact types marked as suppliers will be shown
  • Fixed an issue with scrolling when adding a job alert from the kiosk on mobile
  • You can now create an invoice from a lead
  • Added a checkbox to fill in the contact site address when creating a lead or job
  • Reduced trial period from 30 days to 14 days
  • Fixed an issue that displayed deactivated staff as options when creating an alert
  • Fixed an issue that caused lead and contact values to be calculated incorrectly
  • Add workflow triggers so that emails or notifications can be sent when tasks are started, completed, due or overdue
  • More details are shown for additional contacts within leads and jobs

v2.3.47 - 3rd October 2023

Job Alert management is now available! Alerts give you the ability to communicate when things go wrong or an important process needs to be followed. Learn more...

  • Fixed an issue with the rich text editor table dialog
  • Additional contacts email addresses added to autocomplete when composing emails
  • Added Job Alerts management area for office users
  • Added ability to create job alerts from a task or a job in the Kiosk
  • Various performance improvements for quoting

v2.3.45 & 46 - 26th September 2023

  • Kiosk login page now remembers last staff member and list of staff is sorted alphabetically
  • Update developer API to set purchase order item assignments and inventory job relationship
  • Added more editor buttons to the rich text editor
  • Fix issue with missing CC and BCC fields when replying to emails
  • Added new detailed template with and without pricing
  • Searching dropdowns now only requires 2 characters
  • Added staff quantity to labour centre capacity planning and added a checkbox that allows you to ignore capacity constraints when scheduling tasks
  • Fixed a bug navigating to a job from a task in the kiosk
  • Invoices can be created from a job
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when deleting the last item on a page
  • Resources for a job will now source from inventory if it is available

v2.3.44 - 14th September 2023

  • Status menus can now toggle multiple at a time (see image below)

  • Viewing and updating quote cost, overhead, wastage, profit and discounts can now be restricted using staff role abilities (see image below)

  • Changes to session expiry to fix some logout issues
  • Added sorting by email address in staff
  • Added compatibility with invoices from Xero that contained line items with no quantity or unit price
  • Added a new detailed quote template that shows components (automatically created for new organisations - for existing organisations reach out and we can set this up for you) (see image below)

  • Fixed an issue with page margins clipping in templates (automatically fixed for new organisations - for existing organisations reach out and we can set this up for you)
  • Fixed an issue that caused deleted products to appear in quote preset component create and update dialogs
  • Added completed and pending folders for tasks in your profile and staff profile area
  • Added a checkbox to fill in contact details when creating a contact with a contact person

  • Added a column to the quotes grid for the staff member who created the quote
  • Add a create quote button in lead > resources > quotes
  • Add job and/or lead details to the item specification template
  • Various updates to the developer API for job items, lead items and inventory materials

v2.3.42 & 43 - 7th September 2023

Purchase order update with support for ordering, receiving and picking inventory for jobs and bulk ordering material for multiple jobs! Learn more...

  • Big update to purchase ordering and inventory picking for jobs
  • Various updates and improvements to the developer API
  • Added ability to set zero time for labour in a quote
  • Added fixed price sell pricing strategy for catalogue products
  • Allowed override of product price in quotes - by setting a fixed price for a product in a quote the profit margin of the elements within the product is adjusted to achieve that price
  • Added contact person phone number column to leads index page
  • Added contact person phone number and lead site address to quotes index page
  • Added kilometre (km) and mile (mi) to quantity unit options
  • Updating a job, lead or project type now updates the not applicable/applicable tasks based on the configuration of your workflow - previously only available when creating a new job, lead or project
  • You will now be automatically logged off other running tasks when starting or resuming a tasks
  • When viewing your board of tasks inside a job, lead or project you can now toggle to hide not applicable tasks

v2.3.40 & 41 - 14th August 2023

Public holiday handling for staff and labour centres is now available! Learn more...

  • Fixed a bug that caused the value column in the grid for jobs, leads and projects to not be able to be hidden
  • Fixed an issue that prefilled the contact name instead of the contact person's name when composing an email and the contact had the same email address as the contact person
  • Added members column to the grid for jobs, leads and projects
  • For newly registered users and organisations the correct country, region, currency, language and timezone should be automatically selected
  • Public holiday groups can now be created in Settings > Staff - by choosing a region the public holidays for that region will be automatically synchronised and kept up to date (set a public holiday group as the default to automatically apply it to all staff members and labour centres)
  • Added lead variables to the job email template
  • Fix a bug that caused issues copying templates and retaining existing changes
  • Added sorting by source column to the contact grid
  • Updated catalogue items to allow a "units per price" of less than 1
  • Improve loading times for the workflow task board inside jobs, leads and projects
  • Fixed a bug that caused sessions to timeout unexpectedly forcing a user to log in again
  • Fixed a bug that caused the member-type grid refinement dropdown to disappear

v2.3.37 & 38 & 39 - 3rd August 2023

  • Fixed some performance issues for quotes with many sections
  • Fixed a bug causing problems in choosing the type of product parts and components
  • Fixed an issue that was causing issues clearing search results when listing contacts
  • Fixed an issue loading components in quote presets
  • Fixed an issue importing product components into quotes

v2.3.36 - 1st August 2023

  • The capacity planner can now show scheduled tasks for multiple labour centres at a time
  • The completed date and staff member that completed the task are now displayed on a task
  • Additional search parameters have been added to jobs and leads including contact email, phone, mobile, site address and contact person
  • Columns in quotes and quote presets can now be resized, moved and/or hidden
  • Fixed an issue that caused deleted products to appear when adding quote and quote preset components
  • General infrastructure upgrades to increase security, performance and reliability

v2.3.33, 34 & 35 - 27th July 2023

  • General infrastructure upgrades to improve performance
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some purchase orders to be able to be updated

v2.3.32 - 25th July 2023

Catalogue product importing, exporting and reusable components are now available!

  • Task completion activities are now displayed in leads, jobs and projects
  • Improved the experience for periods when Jobman may be down for planned maintenance
  • Various performance improvements to speed up loading times
  • Added a check to prevent accidentally adding the operation again if one with the same name already exists
  • User interface and usability improvements when viewing styles in settings
  • Added validation to ensure proportional values in components are numeric
  • Fixed the issue that was causing deleted work orders to appear in a job
  • Added quote expiry date and lead site address to quote template variables
  • Fixed some issues that caused profit to be calculated incorrectly in quotes and product parts
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems applying styles in quotes
  • Various system security updates

v2.3.31 - 7th July 2023

  • Added MXN (Mexican Peso) currency
  • Improved the load time for the list of contacts
  • Fixed an issue that caused problems when updating a catalogue item
  • Searching if you are refining by a category or status will now return results

v2.3.30 - 6th July 2023

  • Various speed improvements to some areas of the system
  • Improved validation error messaging when importing catalogue items
  • Added extra checks before sending an email to ensure the size including attachments is within the limits
  • Lots of improvements to quotes and quote presets to ensure price, discount and profit calculations are correctly applied
  • Updates to how numbers are displayed when editing fields (for example 2.500 is now displayed as 2.5)
  • Fixed an issue that caused some iPhones to only be able to choose images from their camera roll instead of selecting a file to upload
  • Fixed some issues with column sorting not being applied
  • Added new 2020 Design Live integration for importing quote items

v2.3.29 - 20th June 2023

  • Added an extra check to ensure pay rates assigned to staff cannot be deleted
  • Big update to CSV imports for contacts, catalogue and staff to improve error messaging and increase the ability to handle data with minor mistakes or variations
  • Fix an issue that showed deleted quotes, jobs and leads on dashboards
  • When creating a contact on the fly (during lead creation for example) you are now able to select the source (if you have added contact sources in settings)
  • Created and updated dates are displayed when viewing item specifications
  • Added activity logging for cloud file changes so there is a record of file uploads and deletions - now you can see who deleted that file in your lead for example
  • Staff activation emails now display a helpful message if they have expired
  • When creating an invoice from a lead you can now choose to group each section into a single line or have it itemised
  • Invoice item names can now span multiple lines allowing for long descriptions and compatibility with your accounting software
  • Added NZD (New Zealand Dollar) as a currency option
  • Fixed a bug that caused labour components in quotes to calculate time incorrectly
  • Moved the default position of quantity columns in quotes and quote presets more to the left (with full column position and sizing to be released soon)

v2.3.28 - 9th June 2023

  • Various bug fixes and improvements
  • Added ability to update the type for multiple contacts at a time

v2.3.27 - 8th June 2023

  • Fixed errors in the capacity planner if no labour centres exist
  • Google Drive storage driver is now compatible with template folders
  • Added limitations to email sending for new and existing organisations

v2.3.26 - 19th May 2023

  • Fixed an issue that cause problems starting and stopping tasks for projects

v2.3.25 - 18th May 2023

  • Ensure deleted items are not displayed in more places including inventory
  • Fix an issue causing errors when job item quantity was blank
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the quote status "has value" field to not update
  • Improved the cloud file storage integration to better handle files and folders with symbols such as + $ # and % in them
  • Improved the accounting integration to retain contact details when updating and retry if the connection fails to the MYOB API

v2.3.24 - 11th May 2023

  • Fixed issue that caused deleted job resource items from appearing in the list of items to be ordered
  • Fixed an issue that caused changes to invoice type classification from being saved
  • Increased the width of the agenda screen list on the kiosk dashboard
  • The completed date is now being saved for tasks and the display of the completed tasks on agenda screens has been improved and sorted by that date
  • Improved error handling with Xero when their API is temporarily unavailable

v2.3.23 - 8th May 2023

  • Purchase orders can now be received, split and invoiced
  • Added a new Job Cost report that shows estimated vs actual costs for your jobs - with more updates soon to allow you to drill down for each job
  • Values can now be displayed and updated for contacts, leads, jobs and projects
  • Target calendar can now be searched
  • Lots of updates for the Kiosk including:
    • Sections for contacts, leads, jobs, and projects
    • Files can be shared with kiosk users using the new 'Shared' folder
    • Item specifications can be viewed from a task
    • Browse files from a task
  • Fixed an issue that caused some users to not be able to edit item specifications
  • Fixed an issue that caused tasks for deleted jobs and leads to appear on agenda screens
  • Fixed an issue loading received attachments to emails
  • Fixed an issue when saving changes to quotes when items have been moved between sections
  • Fixed an issue that caused quote pricing not to be reflected in job resource item prices

v2.3.22 - 20th April 2023

  • Prevented deactivated (or not enabled) staff from appearing on the kiosk login screen
  • Added lead id, number and description to quote templates
  • Page size and current page are now remembered on public agenda screens
  • Fixed a visual display issue when importing quote items
  • Upgraded Microvellum integration to handle the new export format
  • Added invoice item types
  • Beta release of MYOB accounting integration for selected organisations with a full release planned shortly after to all organisations
  • Improved handling of larger attachments to emails
  • Improved email notifications to members of jobs, leads and projects
  • Exposed job, lead and project details to the public API
  • Fixed a bug that caused some details not to be displayed for items
  • Added a column on agenda screens to show task members

v2.3.21 - 18th April 2023

  • Minor release to fix an issue with importing contacts

v2.3.20 - 11th April 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused some staff without permission to not be able to compose emails
  • Added the ability to allow beta access to new features for selected organisations before they are fully released
  • Fixed an issue with updating job item quantity
  • Minor user interface improvements for the popup you see when creating a work order from a job
  • Staff are automatically added as a member to a lead if they create or send a quote which ensures they receive the notification when it has been accepted or rejected
  • More contact and contact person details have been added to both job and lead info
  • Added strike-through to rich text editor formatting options

v2.3.19 - 6th April 2023

  • All types and required tasks are now copied when copying a workflow
  • You can now choose job items when creating a work order from a job - all the specifications and resources including materials, services and labour are moved to the work order and estimated times recalculated on tasks
  • Fixed some issues with filtering in the dropdowns when changing the agenda screen filters
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the template folder from being copied to new jobs, leads and projects using the OneDrive cloud file storage driver
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Settings, Help and Logout menu items to not be visible when viewed on some tablets
  • Added $CAD (Canadian Dollar) to available currencies
  • Fixed some issues and improved the staff import from CSV functionality 

v2.3.18 - 21st March 2023

  • Fixed an issue with pagination not displaying on agenda screens in the kiosk
  • Fixed an issue that caused errors when attaching files to email replies
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some staff members from being able to start tasks that they are not members of
  • Public agenda and activity screen pages now remember any changes to columns
  • When composing emails the current draft is saved and will not be lost even if the page is refreshed

v2.3.17 - 16th March 2023

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Capacity planner to not load the full width of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where staff details were not displaying
  • Added the ability to choose a workflow when creating a job from a lead
  • Agenda and Activity screens now automatically stay up to date with the latest changes
  • Fixed an issue that caused some imports for contacts, catalogue items and staff to fail
  • Fixed a bug that caused intermittent session timeouts requiring users to log in even though they had been active 
  • Fixed an issue that caused some emails to be addressed to the organisation's email address instead of the staff member
  • Added ability to import quote items and job materials from a spreadsheet and also from connected integrations including Cabinet Vision, Mozaik, Auto Kitchen and more
  • Added task description column on agenda screens (hidden by default but can be shown)

v2.3.16 - 27th February 2023

  • Site addresses are displayed on tasks, jobs, leads and projects and also on agenda screens
  • Added the item column for job resource materials and services
  • Added ability to delete and restore job resource materials and services
  • The Google Drive cloud file storage driver is now supported and can be connected
  • Added a button to allow for copying styles in settings
  • Added confirmation popup when deleting a repeating section in item specifications
  • When updating a template the list of available template variables is now displayed with instructions
  • Fixed a bug where deleted style items would still be showing throughout the system
  • Fixed some issues with target calendar filters
  • Fixed some loading issues with publicly shared agenda screens
  • Fixed an issue with deleting catalogue material substitutes
  • Fixed an issue that would include completed and n/a tasks in capacity calculations
  • New organisations are now set up with a default warehouse location and improved messaging when you hit the limit of locations for your subscription
  • Fixed a bug that caused some issues updating staff pay rates and awards
  • Enabled Xero accounting integration for New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada and the US (Payroll only available in Australia, with NZ and UK Payroll to be released soon)
  • General performance improvements and optimisations

v2.3.15 - 10th February 2023

  • Added customisable colours to operations which can help highlight tasks in the target calendar
  • Dragging task segments on the target calendar now recalculates the dates of subsequent tasks
  • Estimated time for jobs tasks is now automatically calculated from job resource labour time
  • Capacity planner now shows tasks scheduled, over capacity and remaining time available 
  • Hovering over an event in any calendar will show long titles in a tooltip
  • Fixed a bug with some events not showing in the week view
  • Fixed a bug that cleared current selection when searching a dropdown box
  • General improvements to the subscription renewal system
  • Fixed an issue on the kiosk login screen that caused selection for some devices
  • Added payroll tracking category handling for the Xero accounting integration
  • Fixed an issue with email attachments not working when replying
  • Fixed a bug with pagination not being able to remember how many records per page
  • Fixed some filtering issues with the target calendar
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the adding of project members
  • Added quick link to continue editing a quote, invoice or purchase order
  • Fixed a bug when adding materials directly to a purchase order

v2.3.14 - 2nd February 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused an issue updating job items

v2.3.13 - 31st January 2023

  • Fixed a bug that caused an issue creating an invoice from a quote
  • Fixed a bug that caused the restore button to appear for staff with certain permission levels
  • Minor tweaks to target calendar filtering
  • Fixed an issue that caused the list of contact people not to refresh when a new person was added or deleted
  • Fixed an issue where some labour centres could not be selected in the capacity planner

v2.3.12 - 30th January 2023

  • Added ability to delete and restore style items
  • Fixed some language issues in notifications
  • Fixed a bug that would create an empty catalogue item colour and range when importing from CSV
  • Fixed a bug that would cause some set values for materials in item specifications from being cleared when updating
  • Fixed a bug that would cause issues if trying to send an email before a draft had been saved
  • Fixed some filtering issues on grids
  • Improved wrapping on default item specification template
  • Fixed bug when trying to select operations for labour centres
  • Added ability to link a quote item with a lead item
  • Fixed a bug that was showing tasks from deleted jobs on the target calendar
  • Fixed a bug that was also showing completed and n/a tasks on the target calendar
  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending emails within jobs
  • Added the ability to refine the target calendar and show only tasks assigned to specific staff members
  • Fixed a bug that caused issues when synchronising contacts with the Xero accounting driver

v2.3.11 - 16th January 2023

  • Added ability to both apply N/A and Undo N/A for multiple tasks at a time
  • Removed deactivated staff from the dropdown when adding and updating Activity Screen settings
  • Fixed issue with selecting operations when adding and updating Agenda Screen settings
  • Added quantity field when adding and updating a quote item component and preset item component
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the scroll of the quote to reset to the left when updating a value inline
  • Added drag and drop sorting to quote preset items
  • Major improvements to the way the status is updated for jobs, leads and projects as tasks are completed
  • Added the configuration for a workflow step to be "entered automatically" if all tasks in previous steps have been completed
  • Added the option for a workflow task to choose "None" for requiring other tasks to be completed

v2.3.10 - 10th January 2023

  • Fixed an issue with currency symbols not displaying correctly
  • Fixed some issues that occurred with catalogue items
  • Fixed issue applying a subscription to an existing organisation
  • Fixed an issue that caused some catalogue items to be imported even if the import failed due to validation errors and warnings 


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