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The Kiosk mode is an easy-to-use interface designed for your factory and install staff to access with their own personalised pin code, to be able to view their tasks, due dates & allow them to log their time against jobs, leads & projects.

This help topic will take you step-by-step through how your staff view their assigned Agenda Screen, recent tasks, and record time against tasks.

How to set up your Kiosk Users: see our help article here.

Kiosk Mode Functions: to learn more about functions in the Kiosk click here.

Accessing Kiosk Mode

For PC users, accessing the Kiosk mode is very simple, at the bottom of your user menu panel you will see the 'Kiosk' icon. By clicking this you will be taken to the Kiosk Mode. From here you can view and log time against tasks, raise job alerts, view and receive purchase orders & much more.

Tip: If using a tablet in a factory setting, it is recommended to save the Kiosk Mode Web Browser link for the Kiosk Login page to your browser favourites. You can also save this to your home screen for easy access.

Logging In

Choose your name from the drop-down menu and use the keypad to enter your pin code.

For first time users: you will need to be assigned a system-generated pin code from your supervisor, once you have been assigned a pin code, use this to log in and it will prompt you to create your own pin code to use moving forward.

Kiosk Mode Dashboard

Once logged in, you will be taken to your dashboard. Depending on your role & the permissions that have been set for you will determine what buttons you will be able to access. If you cannot see some of the icons below it is due to your staff permissions. In your dashboard you will also see any agenda screens you have been assigned to.

Account Settings

Let's go through each icon and its function! This is located on the top right of your screen while in kiosk mode.

  1. This will show the staff members name followed by their initials, click this to view your account.
  2. The square/tile icon is to go back to the main menu/home screen in the kiosk mode.
  3. The bell is notifications, here you will receive alerts for tasks that have been assigned to you.
  4. The question mark is a link to help documentation so the team can search for help instantly.
  5. The arrow is to exit kiosk mode.

Agenda Screens

Your assigned Agenda Screens in Kiosk mode will show the tasks that you are required to be working on and recording time against.

This is the most important feature of the Kiosk mode, providing the necessary, and most critical information to staff, which will increase the staff's daily productivity, as they won't have to walk around finding out what they need to be working on next. Simply click on the Agenda Screen that you would like to view for pending or completed tasks.

Note: by default your tasks will auto-sort on the screen by the due date at the top of the screen that is due closest to today's date. You can change this by simply clicking on the column and re-sorting as required.

Task Functions - Start/Stop or Complete a Job

To view a job, start or resume work or mark as complete you can either click on the job itself or use the three dot menu on the right of the screen. By clicking into the job from the task list you will see more in-depth information compared to the

Click on Task from List
Three Dot Menu

You can use either of these methods to:

  • Start a job.

To start recording time against a job, select start - this will also start a timesheet entry.

  • Pause a job.

Use this when you're going on a break so time isn't being accidentally recorded.

  • Stop a job.

Stop recording before you log out for the day, this will complete your timesheet entry.

  • Set Progress.

This is a sliding scale, slide along to the progress that you believe you have completed, this will also update your bar chart.

  • Complete a job.

Job has been finished!

  • Mark as NA.

Task not required - this will remove the task from your list.

  • See Files

Here staff can access shared images or documents, see below on how to add documents to this folder.

Automation: if you sign onto a new task, this will automatically stop the last task you started and update your timesheet.

Note: Having access to some of the above-mentioned features, is dependent on the setup of staff/staff roles permissions.

What next?

Once the staff member has completed a task, this will update to the next task within that job or move from the task list if it all tasks in that job have been completed. Staff can then easily see what has then bumped up to the top of their Agenda Screen/Task List allowing them to begin work on the next task.

Sharing Files in Kiosk Mode

Easily allow factory workers to see files while on the floor, out on the road or in the office.

It's as simple as uploading the document into the shared folder located under resources in the job file.

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