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Timesheet Entry

There are multiple ways for staff to enter their time & attendance. Time can be recorded against projects, leads or jobs. Simply invite your team to log in & once they're set up they can start recording time straight away. See below to learn the many ways of entering your time, scroll to the bottom of this page to watch our help video on Timesheets!

Please Note: only invite Office Users to log in - the amount of Office Users allowed is based on your subscription package.

Timesheet Entry - User Menu Panel

Once you've logged in, you can now start entering your time. To do this via your timesheet:

  1. From your user menu panel, click on 'View Timesheet'.
  2. You will be taken to your timesheet & the current day will be highlighted grey.
  3. Click & drag on time that you want to make an entry for.
  4. From the pop up, choose your item - job, lead or project. This will generate a new field.
  5. Choose your option from the dropdowns to choose your lead or job & the task to allocate your time to (these will change based on the 'item' selected above).
  6. Enter the details of the start and finish times for the task.
  7. Add a description if required which will show on your timesheet.
  8. Finalise your timesheet entry by clicking 'Create'.

Tips & Tricks for your Timesheets:

  1. If you've entered your start or finish time incorrectly you can simply drag & drop to the correct place or extend your time by dragging the bottom of your entry down.
  2. Click on the 'List' option from your timesheet, this will show all of your recent tasks, click into the one you want to add time against, copy & complete as required!
  3. Start tasks from your Dashboard - you will see your most recent tasks here. Click on the task, press 'Start'. Once you're finished, click into this from your dashboard or timesheet and press 'Stop'. This will be added to your timesheet.

Timesheet Entry from Tasks

Another way you can add entries is from your assigned tasks, which means it will pre-fill the timesheet entry information required. To access your task list, simply click the 'Tasks' tab under your profile. You will now see all of the tasks that you are assigned to as a member.

  1. Using the screenshot above, next to Timesheet - click 'Tasks'.
  2. Click on the task required, or use the 3-dot menu to show your options.
  3. Click on 'Start' to commence time recording for the task.

Important: if you are taking a break whilst working on a job, you need to open the task and hit 'pause' so this doesn't add time into your timesheet. If you have finished working on the task for the day, you need to hit 'Stop'.

Tip: click into the task at anytime to pause, stop, set your progress or mark as complete.

Kiosk Timesheet Entry

Kiosk timesheet entry will be the way multiple companies will have their factory workers log their time. You can read more here: Get Started with Kiosk Mode.

  1. Log in to your profile via Kiosk Mode.
  2. From your dashboard either choose from your agenda screen or click on 'Tasks'.
  3. Choose the task/s you are about to start working on.
  4. Click 'Start'.

Please Note: when clicking on start from a task for the first time, a pop up will appear to alert you that this will start a timesheet entry. There is an option to not show this message again.

Understanding your Timesheet

Here's a few tips on understanding and navigating your timesheet.

  • By default, a 10 minute imprint will be made once a task has been started.
  • If your task isn't showing, click the refresh or today button on your timesheet.
  • Red entries mean a task has gone over it's allocated time.
  • Grey entries mean a task is still within it's allocated time.
  • Swap between list and calendar view by clicking either list or day/week/month.
  • Click into any timesheet entry to update, add details or delete.
  • Drag and drop your timesheet entry to easily move these around.
  • Hover over the bottom of your timesheet entry to drag this out to the correct finish time.
  • You will not be able to start a task if the progress is set to 100%.

Recommendation: we understand that all staff may not have a certain task from a job or project to allocate their time for their whole work day. We recommend setting up some internal operations/jobs if you require staff to complete time entries for their full work day for accounting software purposes. For example, these could be cleaning tasks, admin work etc.

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