Staff Types

What are staff types?

Staff types are set to users to define what kind of roles and permissions they have in Jobman. The staff types are Administrator, Office User, Kiosk User and Advisor. When creating an organisation you will automatically be setup with the Administrator Type.


The “Administrator Type”will always have all of the permissions turned on at all times and is bydefault the person that signs up with the software.

Note: All new features released will be enabled automatically.

Office User

Office users can have full access to all Jobman features if enabled. Permission levels are set in Staff/Roles under Settings where the administrator can limit features and access.

Note: New feature releases that require permission will need to be turned on by an administrator upon release.

Kiosk User

Limited software access withusability in mind the Kiosk interface is designed for site and factory usage. See for examples and features.

Note: Any new feature releases requiring permission will need to be turned on by an administrator upon release.


An advisor such as a bookkeeper or business consultant can be enabled with “Office User” read-only access permissions as defined by the organisation's administrator.

Email for more information.

Please note: you cannot invite a user to the software without allocating a staff type to the user. If you are importing staff from your Accounting Software they will not import with a staff type and will need to be set manually.

For more information see: Roles & Permissions.

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