Locations Set Up

Locations offer businesses with multiple manufacturing premises requiring different delivery addresses for purchase orders. Locations also offer inventory control functionality and reporting, eg:
  • There are 125 sheets of white melamine in stock: 80 at location A, 20 at location B, and 25 at location

Setting up locations can be achieved by following the steps below!

Please note: the amount of locations you can have is based on your subscription package. Update your subscription by going to 'Manage my Subscription'.

How to Add and Maintain Locations

  1. Access the 'Settings' tab from your user menu panel.
  2. Click on 'Location' settings.
  3. To add a new location, click 'Create'.
  4. Enter your location name. For example: Warehouse 1 or Warehouse 2.
  5. Enter the location address.
  6. Finalise by clicking 'Create'.

Edit, Delete or Set as Default

To update the name or address of an existing location simply click into it by following the above steps (1 & 2) then clicking on the location you want to change, click the Update button, make your updates and save your changes.

Here you will also see the option to 'Set as Default'. This will be your default location for purchase orders. Once you click this, you will see a pop-up for confirmation of this change.

If you no longer need a location, simply click the delete button.

Need further assistance? See our help video below, please note we are constantly updating and improving so some things may have changed.

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